Hustler Spirit.
Humble Mentality.


Our Story

Hmble Hstle Clothing began as a simple idea in 2015 that would fund the programs and initiatives of our non-profit organization. Our project started with designing and producing t-shirts with one singular message: Keep Giving. We sold our tees at local events, festivals, and our own pop-up shops to increase awareness of our mission.

Although Hmble Hstle Clothing grew into a retail shop based in Roanoke, Virginia, the end-game has remained the same. We aspire to be a staple in the world of urban streetwear with an emphasis in giving back to the communities we serve.


Our initial designs were received by our community with excitement and acclaim. Proceeds from our t-shirt and hoodie sales began to help us provide scholarships for young girls, exposing inner city youth to life-changing hikes, and supplying coats and backpacks for underprivileged youth in our community. Still, we found ourselves limited by the constraints of our availability.

Our founder, Xavier Duckett, was still working his 9-5, which was crippling his ability to put his creativity and passion to grow the vision that started The Humble Hustle Company. Later, however, he was blessed with the opportunity to step away from his routine and began working full-time on the non-profit and further developing his skills in photography.

Xavier Duckett, Founder of The Humble Hustle Company & Hmble Hstle Clothing

Xavier Duckett, Founder of The Humble Hustle Company & Hmble Hstle Clothing


In 2017, we began our efforts towards finding a physical building to set up shop for the non-profit. After some creative brainstorming, Hmble Hstle Clothing was officially born.

Our Black History hoodie became our first piece of clothing with the Hmble Hstle logo on it. Although it was very well received, one question kept coming up — “What’s with the missing Us?” — to which we respond with the philosophy that drives our brand:


Take “U” out of the equation, add in a focus towards serving others, and you'll begin to fortify your hustler spirit and humble mentality.